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Spectrum F2000



The Spectrum 014Z F2000 is the latest in an exciting range of formula cars produced by Borland Racing Developments.  Available from 2014 the chassis has already proven to be a race winner in the USA and Canada.


The new Spectrum 014Z follows the proven Spectrum design philosophy of safety first with a focus on performance through sound uncomplicated design while retaining now famous elegant looks.


Based on the safety and performance credentials of the ultra successful Spectrum F1600 range of cars, the Spectrum 014Z features include the highest quality components throughout, ease of maintenance for fast turnaround and a large cockpit area designed to easily accommodate drivers over six feet tall.



Comprehensive aerodynamic testing has given the car an enviable lift/drag ratio while effort has gone into reducing the aerodynamic tow to following cars. Spectrum owners are informed of all ongoing development work and set up information, giving them a direct link with the factory.


The Spectrum is built to exacting standards and is finished with the highest quality hardware and fittings, including:




NMB aircraft quality rod ends and bearings

AN series aircraft fasteners

Bespoke Penske Racing dampers

BRD has worked with Penske engineers for over 15 years in developing the dampers for the Spectrum racing cars

Wind tunnel tested body design maximises air flow to engine, minimises drag

Body design minimises aerodynamic tow to following cars

Cockpit provides maximum protection to driver's head & good lateral visibility

Earls motorsport quality oil, brake & fuel lines & fittings

Raychem motorsport quality wiring loom and connectors

FIA approved fuel cell

Lifeline mechanical onboard extinguisher

FIA approved HANS compatible safety belts

Bespoke BRD steering rack & pinion

AP Racing aluminium brake calipers

BRD floating brake discs

BRD aluminium tripod housings

Momo steering wheel

Lifeline quick release steering wheel hub

Motorsport quality connector for steering wheel to column mounted loom

Centrelock wheels




























With both the UK and Australia adopting the Ford Duratec 1600 cc motor (as used in the Ford Fiesta road cars) for Formula Ford competition from the 2006 season, it provided an opportune time to release the next evolution in the Spectrum line; the 011. Given how successful the 010 of 2004 and 2005 had been, the focus with the 011 was to fine tune the chassis and suspension to maximise the benefits of the reduced weight and increased power from the new engine.

Success with the new model was immediate; John Martin won the inaugural Fiesta powered Formula Ford round on his way to the 2006 Australian title. During that season, BRD built a Spectrum 011 to the UK regulations and John delivered a victory at the Brands Hatch UKFFC round in the car's UK debut weekend. The 011 chassis dominated the Australian championship and continued to make its mark internationally.

Development continues and the 2010 Spectrum 012 Formula Ford featured revisions to the chassis and bodywork aimed at improving both the performance and safety of the car. Knowledge gained from wind tunnel and real world testing resulted in improving the car's class leading aerodynamic package. With optimised airflow over the car and to the engine, drivers enjoyed better straight line speed resulting from better engine performance and lower drag. A hallmark of the Spectrum has been the inability of rival chassis to gain a significant slipstream when following; this was further enhanced by the revised design.



The 2010 main panel afforded greater head protection to the driver, whilst increasing peripheral vision. Increased room in the cockpit resulted in a lower seating position, increasing driver comfort (particularly for taller drivers), driver safety and improving cornering speeds by lowering the centre of gravity. Other subtle chassis changes allowed us to further reduce polar moments and lower the centre of gravity of the car itself. With practicality always at the forefront of its design, the new Spectrum was even more user friendly than the previous model. This meant down time for changes and/or repairs was reduced, maximising track time for teams and drivers.

Build 012_build_4 012_build_5 012_build_7

As a fitting demonstration of how successful Borland Racing Developments had been in the development of the Spectrum 012, Chaz Mostert dominated the opening round of the 2010 Genuine Ford Parts Australian Formula Ford Championship, which was the international competition debut for all of the 2010 chassis. Chaz qualified the Synergy Motorsport Spectrum 012 on pole and won the round, setting a new lap record in the process. Chaz went on to reset the record for most race wins in a season, on his way to the 2010 crown.

As with all models since 2004, the new Spectrum included as standard a host of light weight components offered as expensive options on other chassis. The cars feature:




•   Bespoke Penske adjustable dampers
•    NMB aircraft quality rod ends and spherical bearings
•    MoTeC SDL data logging system
•    Motorsport quality wiring loom and electrical connectors
•    Motorsport quality brake, fuel and oil lines and fittings
•    FIA standard on board extinguisher, racing harness and fuel cell
•    Fuel cell features internal motorsport collector for pick up as standard
•    Mark Bailey Racing prepared Hewland LD200 gearbox














SPECTRUM FF1600                                                                                                                                                                              top


All of the championship winning features of the Spectrum Formula Ford are available to the FF1600 racer. Specific FF1600 cars are available to purchase new from the factory, or they can supply all of the components required to convert from Formula Ford. Spectrum FF1600 cars are built to the same exacting standards as the Formula Ford, including the light weight driveline components and highest quality fittings.




BRD has been producing FF1600 cars since the 1980’s, accumulating a string of race and championship wins at home and abroad. In 2009 Jesse Fenech won the Victorian State FF1600 Championship in a Spectrum 010b and Ben Norton drove the Wiltshire College Spectrum 011 to win the Castle Combe FF1600 Championship; arguably the two most competitive FF1600 Championships in the world at the time. As icing on the cake, Ben and the College also won the Castle Combe Carnival, becoming only the second driver to take the double in the same year.






F1600 Formula F



In an exciting initiative for FF1600, the USA announced F1600 Formula F for the 2011 season. Formula F encompasses not only traditional FF1600 chassis, running the Ford 1600 cc “Kent” motor, but heralded the introduction of the Honda 1500 cc “Fit” engine. The advent of F1600 Formula F was the impetus for BRD to develop a variant of its Spectrum FF1600 chassis to accept the Honda powerplant. Having been the dominant chassis supplier in international FF1600 competition for a number of years, it was a relatively straight forward and logical step for the Melbourne based constructor.


Borland Racing Developments has been designing and building the Spectrum Formula Ford since the late 1980s. From 1996 onwards, the chassis has enjoyed enormous success in Australia. The Spectrum has been the most successful car in Australian championship competition for more than seven years, topping the stats for most championships, pole positions, fastest race laps, race wins and lap records!



BRD’s factory race team is constantly developing the chassis and suspension package, ensuring that what we race and win with is exactly what we sell. The Spectrum is built to exacting standards and is finished with the highest quality hardware and fittings, including:


• NMB aircraft quality rod ends & bearings
• AN series aircraft fasteners
• Bespoke Penske Racing dampers
• BRD has worked with Penske engineers for over 15 years in developing the dampers for the Spectrum racing cars
• Wind tunnel tested body design maximises air flow to engine, minimises drag
• Body design minimises aerodynamic tow to following cars
• Cockpit provides maximum protection to driver’s head & good lateral visibility
• Earl’s motorsport quality oil, brake & fuel lines & fittings
• Raychem motorsport quality wiring loom and connectors
• ATL FIA approved fuel cell
• Lifeline mechanical on board extinguisher
• FIA approved HANS compatible safety belts
• Bespoke BRD steering rack & pinion
• AP Racing aluminium brake calipers
• BRD floating brake discs
• BRD aluminium tripod housings
• MoTeC data logging system
• Momo steering wheel
• Lifeline quick release steering wheel hub
• Shift/warning lights and dash display buttons mounted in steering wheel
• Motorsport quality connector for steering wheel to column mounted loom
• Centrelock wheels


Spectrum features MoTeC data logging system, shift/warning LEDs mounted in steering wheel, Momo steering wheel with Lifeline quick release hub, Willans FIA approved HANS compatible safety belts and Lifeline mechanical on board extinguisher. Note the bespoke Penske Racing dampers. BRD has worked closely with Penske engineers over the past 15 years to develop a damper ideally suited to the Spectrum chassis. Steering is via BRD designed rack and pinion. Earl's motorsport quality fuel, oil and brake lines and fittings are used throughout the Spectrum chassis.  Fuel cell is an FIA approved ATL part, made specifically for the Spectrum.






Sleek lines of engine cover, wind tunnel developed to maximise air flow to engine and over car, whilst minimising drag.The Spectrum leads the industry in providing minimal tow to following cars. Polished and stylish, the Spectrum combines form and function. The best looking car in the field is also the most aerodynamically efficient! Spectrum main panel design maximises protection for driver’s head, whilst allowing good lateral visibility. Chassis has been designed to accommodate taller drivers (over 6 feet tall), allowing them to still sit low in the car. This improves driver safety and vehicle dynamics by lowering the centre of gravity.





BRD designed and manufactured lightweight, magnesium bellhousing is amongst a host of components which keep the weight of the Spectrum as low as possible.



With over 25 years experience as a racing team, BRD understands the importance of having access to a comprehensive range of spare parts. Wherever Spectrum cars race around the world, BRD ensures that they are supported with an extensive inventory of spare parts, available where and when you need them – at the track!


The technical data and setup information gathered by the factory race team is readily available to all Spectrum owners. If you are an owner/driver preparing your own car, this means you get setup information and hardware which has been developed by a race and championship winning team. For teams, it gives you great baseline information which is both current and relevant. Whatever direction you take with your own development, you know you can return to a race winning platform.





BRD sold 23 Sabre 01 Formula Vee racing cars between 1993 and 2000. Technical changes within the Formula Vee category and the demands of the rapidly growing Spectrum Formula Ford business placed the Sabre project on hold for a number of years.
Sabre 02
By 2007, the Vee category had successfully transitioned to the FV1600 regulations and the class was enjoying strong growth. New facilities and increased staffing levels enabled BRD to commence development of their second generation Vee, the Sabre 02, designed specifically for the FV1600 rules. The prototype was designed and built during 2008, before a thorough track testing program in 2009. With the car achieving lap record pace in testing, it was deemed production ready and the first orders were taken in late 2009.

The new Sabre took Formula Vee to the next level, drawing heavily on BRD’s depth of experience in open wheel racing car design and manufacture. The Sabre 02 shared many common components with the 2010 Spectrum 012 Formula Ford, including main body panels. The Sabre 02 also shared the Spectrum’s debut success. In its first outing, Daniel Reinhardt drove the Junior Racing Developments team Sabre 02 to pole position, four from four race wins and a new lap record at Sandown International Raceway in a display of total domination.


This set the tone for Formula Vee competition in Australia throughout 2010. Daniel finished the season with 21 wins and a second place from 22 starts. This secured him the CAMS Victorian Formula Vee Championship, the Victorian Formula Vee Association club championship and the Australian Formula Vee Championship. Daniel Reynolds joined him in the winners circle, taking out the NSW Formula Vee Championship.


2011 saw the Sabre 02 win almost every championship in which it appeared.  JRD's Ryan Simpson won the Clemenger International Freight Australian Formula Vee Series from Daniel Reynolds in 2nd place.  Daniel went on the win the CAMS Australian Championship, as well as the NSW Championship for a record third consecutive year; the Vintage Vee Dub Supplies Sabre 02 driver won every race in NSW during 2011!  Rookie Mitch Martin secured both the Victorian Club and CAMS Championships, with Ash Quiddington runner up in the Victorian Club points. In South Australia, Ben Forgan won almost every race, by an average winning margin of over 10 seconds!  An unfortunate DNF at the opening round meant that he ended the year second by just a couple of points, but clearly the dominant performer of the season.  The undeniable speed and consistency of the Sabre 02 has made it the chassis of choice for any serious Formula Vee competitor.

As with the Spectrum Formula Ford, the Sabre Formula Vee is built with the best components available, including:

•    Bespoke Penske adjustable dampers
•    NMB aircraft quality rod ends and spherical bearings
•    MoTeC SDL data logging system
•    Motorsport quality wiring loom and electrical connectors
•    Motorsport quality brake, fuel and oil lines and fittings


Sabre Formula Vees are supported in Australia by BRD and by Junior Racing Developments as agents for new cars and spare parts distribution. JRD carries a comprehensive range of spare parts and is on hand at major Formula Vee races. More information about Sabre Formula Vees can be obtained by completing the online brochure request form on the Contact Us page.

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